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Anything Goes

I made a short film for my video class last fall (2001), I sent it to to get feedback from people I don't know. Hey, of course I love it when my mom says my work is great, but I want a stranger to say that to me. :-) update 4/17/2023 fuck youtube here it is Anything Goes! update: 3/22/08 it's on YouTube now! Anything Goes


Bozzy will return shortly.
Got my old domain back! is back.  That'll teach me to pay attention to domains renewal settings! If one thing has gone right in 2020 this has to be it. lol

James opens up Sara’s October horror pack— Oops


Okay i know what your thinking

I started this blog back in 2002. Originally, I had my own  domain and my own  webhost but became less active and eventually I just decided to host it all on Blogger for free. I see that the new owner of  is some asian kid. Whatever. Anyhoo, I had my domain point to this place at first but then forgot failed  decided to not renew it and just came up with "I know a girl from Baltimore" for the url. So what's with this girl from Baltimore that I know? It’s no one really.Well could be a few people, but I digress. It’s just a scene from a movie that I like... That's all folks. Btw, also used to have a  discussion forum  as well, but gave that up. Trying to start it back up but on reddit! Head over to  r/unruly  and say hi.

is this thing on?

Oh I forgot about this. Haha. Enjoy this video and feel better