100 Things about me

Get to know me better, I don't bite...hard. ;-)

[this list is constantly updated, so the date and time are only for when this post was first created]

1. I love movies.
2. I choose mountains over beaches.
3. I have a first degree black belt in hapkido.
4. I love indian food.
5. That's food from India, not Native American chow.
6. Pez is never bad.
7. I am an avid Mac user.
8. PCs suck.
9. I wear a size 15 shoe.
10. Is it true what they say about people with big feet?
11. What do they say?
12. I don't care.
13. I am 6 foot 5; with shoes on. 6 foot 4 without shoes.
14. I wear glasses.
15. I have never been punched...out of hapkido class.
16. Wait, that's not true.
17. My grandfather, William Cargo, was an ambassador.
18. But this list isn't about him.
19. I have been online since January 1996.
20. Not non-stop.
21. That would be cah-razy.
22. Tracy Morgan is hi-larious.
23. However, SNL is starting to suck.
24. This is harder than I thought it would be, hey hey, I am on IMDb! Beat that, sucka!
25. um.
26. I love the Washington Redskins.
27. And Baltimore Orioles.
28. But I hate the Baltimore Ravens.
29. The Redskins are gonna go all the way this year (2002).
30. I've just set myself up to look like a fool.
31. I originally typed, "food" on that last one.
32. Anything Goes
33. ^ my student film
34. It's my first and only movie...so far.
35. But I do have some scripts written. One feature, and a few shorts.
36. I won't mention anything about them.
37. I don't trust the Internet.
38. Al Gore did not invent the Internet.
39. He did win Florida.
40. *sigh*
41. One time when I was trying to find the Orlando airport, I wound up halfway to Tampa.
42. Seriously.
43. The traffic patterns down there are all fucked up.
44. Disney World sucks except for Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror.
45. Universal Studio is almost as bad...but I hear they have real roller coasters now.
46. That Hitchcock thingie there was pretty cool.
47. Florida is America's wang.
48. And also God's waiting room.
49. The worst waiting room's are the ones at the dentists.
50. I've already had a root canal.
51. It actually wasn't that bad.
52. What's the big deal?
53. Botta bing botta bang, done.
54. I own a Ouija board.
55. I have't contacted any spirits.
56. Therefore the game is a joke.
57. Monopoly is fun.
58. But how can a hat own property?
59. Or a thimble?
60. Or a wheelbarrow?
61. Okay enough about Monopoly.
62. I think it's tacky to have more than one car flag on your car.
63. I once saw a car with 4.
64. I drive a '96 Honda Accord LX, silver.
65. It has a dinged up right fender.
66. Bender was funny on Futurama.
67. But the show sucks.
68. Bring back Family Guy now, bitch.
69. I have two dogs.
70. Female Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix named Hope,
71. and a deaf Male Sheltie named Chico.
72. I am an Agnostic. which means I don't know if there is god, so why rule it out.
73. But I do celebrate Christmas.
74. That holliday (and all the others like it), I celebrate as an opportunity to see family.
75. Comedy Central is my favorite cable station.
76. Comedy Central Presents is my fav cable show.
77. I weigh 190 pounds. (as of December 2002)
78. I am a pretty skinny individual.
79. Except for an annoyingly growing gut.
80. Okay it's not that bad.
81. I like alternative rock.
82. Actually I like pretty much any music...
83. except Country.
84. I like pussy...
85. cats.
86. Austen Powers is a hilarious film.
87. Can't wait for GoldMember.
88. Godbless Mike Myers.
89. Except there isn't a God to bless him.
90. So I will do that.
91. What number am I up to?
92. 91?
93. Never been overseas.
94. Been to 12 other states.
95. Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennyslvannia, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia (very briefly; like an hour, then back to NC), California, and Michigan.
96. I was a production assistant for a film directed by Stephen Furst.
97. I have been in his house. Yes, the place where he sleeps.
98. It is titled, "Diabetes 4 Guys".
99. My father is a VP (Publications) at the American Diabetes Association in Alexandria, Va and he co-wrote the script.
100. Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.
100. I'm not much of a drinker, but my favorites are Corona Extra and Bud Ice.
101. I have been stung by more than 8 yellow jackets on two occasions, and numerious times of just one sting. "Ouch!"
102. The worst way to die is to break your back trying to suck your own member.
103. I wanna be either cremated or cryogenically frozen.
104. But not til I die.
105. I wonder if anybody will see that I have updated this list.
106. Perhaps I should tell people in my most recent entry...
107. I hope to make movies one day.
108. And get paid for doing so, but money isn't my inspiration, we all gotta pay the rents!
109. well I can't think of anymore, but I'll update this later.
110. Senator Joesph Lieberman once hit on my mom (before I was born) on a plane.
111. Check some of my glorious artwork, maybe leave a comment on some. If you do tell me, I don't check that place often.
112. I got my 2nd degree blackbelt in June of 2003, so don't stalk me! XD
113. Buy me stuff.
114. I made some videos, you should check them out, foo.
115. Add another state to my list: New Jersey.
116. Here's 100 questions about me.
117. I had to get dental implants, and I just got them in. Ouch!
118. Here is an on-going list of my extensive DVD collection.
119. I changed my mind, forget cremation, I want to be cryogenically frozen. Then thawd out in the year 3456 to reek havoc on my future children!
120. I met Julia, the first person I have met in person after first meeting her on the Internet.


  1. Dude, this list doesn't tell us very much, I just realized.Inquiring minds wanna know lol


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