Best Buy Sucks

Okay, here's what happened.

I go to Blockbuster to rent Roger Avary's "Killing Zoe", and they don't have it. So I'm like no big deal, I'll buy it. Lots of people like this movie, so I'll take the chance that I will too.

I go to Best Buy. I have no problem finding this film. But there's one condition. One very asinine condition. The only way to buy this film is to buy the incredibly horrible film "The Way of the Gun". I know this cannot be. So I look and look for what seems like hours-- probably only 15 minutes, but that's ample time for a 4-row DVD section. Hey, it's not like I had to scale the Great Wall of China. So, I'm bouncing between the aisles. I'm pissed and I'm looking for the single.

I notice a blue-shirted-pseudo-intelligent employee and inform him of my dilemma. All he says is to try Customer Service. So off I go. Luckily, there's no line. (Which might say something about the quality of Best Buy's service. You know, it's so bad that people don't even bother trying.) A young twenty something girl, whom we'll call 'Tits' for quick reference calls me to the front desk. I say to Tits, "I want to buy this movie, but not that movie, can you separate them?" The answer from Tits, was a resounding, "They're packaged together, you cannot separate them." Well, that's gee golly great, Tits, but I asked if YOU could separate them.

I tossed the pawning off of a bad film back on the shelf and head to Borders, where I had no problem finding "Killing Zoe"...and JUST "Killing Zoe". I went to the checkout line and purchased the so-called-by-best-buy "evasive" title, "Killing Zoe", where the guy said, "Great movie!!"

Now what have we learned here? We've learned that Tits is a lying sack of cow testicles. Now let's quote her: "They're packaged together, you cannot separate them." Well...I guess Borders is special. They at least aren't so fucking ignorant as to think that people might not want to buy "The Way of the Gun" and have several single copies in stock of "Killing Zoe".

Now maybe the obvious reason for Best Buy's blunder is because they were sold out of JUST "Killing Zoe", but c'mon, if this were Spider-Man, I'd believe that. I don't believe it when the movie is rated 6/10 on IMDb and is an Art House flick. No, Best Buy just didn't give a damn. They just wanted to get rid of all the hundreds of copies of the lame-o "The Way of the Gun". Am I being unreasonable? I didn't think so.

Now, Off to the DVD player...


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