I Hate CBS

I was sitting down for dinner tonight and the tv in the kitchen was on channel 9 (cbs up here) and the evening news comes on. I swear, Dan Rather really screamed his welcome message tonight! I nearly leaped out of my chair. Anyway, he mentions that he has a tape of Al Quaeda testing chemical weapons on a dog. He warns us. Yeah, right, like that helps. That just makes you wanna watch, dumbass. Then they show the dog choking on the gas, going into convulsions, and then dying. They do not cut away. They use a voice over. Shouldn't common sense prevail here? Especially during dinner hours? Not like playing this on the 4 O'Clock news is any better. CBS Sucks. Don't watch them. Don't support them. Dan Rather can take his little texas ass and split it. Okay, he's not bad. It's the show producers. He's just the anchor. He doesn't do the gathering and production anymore...or does he? I hope not. God, what is wrong with the media? Why do they think that people want to see this sick shit?


  1. Yeah, I saw that on TV today too. They keep showing it. Most stations are just showing a couple of the frames, but it really just speaks for itself. And it looks like my old doggie Padme too. That's just sad. I thought the media was going to try to prevent people from seeing terrible things like that. I guess they just want us to *HATE* the enemy so much, that they don't care if we're eating dinner when it airs.


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