Top 10 Reasons IM rules your life

Feel free to pass this around, but give me credit for it, because I did write it. :)

10.You respond with "LOL!" when you're not online.
9. You always change the capitalization of your name everytime you sign it.
8. You knew "w00t!" before you knew "whoot".
7. You spend more time thinking of an away message than for your answering machine greeting.
6. You have more than 8 AIM names.
5. You use Trillian and hate it, but have no choice but to use it.
4. You have every IM program installed, even the Mac ones, and you use a PC.
3. You use IM more than email...
2. even tho you use email more than phones...
1. and even tho you use phones more than you to talk face-to-face.

So, does IM rule you?


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