Why is Iraq a threat to us?

All Bush ever does is repeat the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, to no end. Iraq is a threat. Why? He has weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Jesus fucking Christ Bush, there's other countries with more (and not on our side, mind you) WMD than Iraq. PLUS, Iraq doesnt't even have the wherewithall to get the missiles over to harm us, if he even has WMD. What's he gonna do, send them over on a magic carpet? Why don't we go after North Korea? They HAVE the WMD and THE WHEREWITHALL to do use them.

Yes Saddam tortures his own people, but didn't Pol fucking Pot do that as well? Our government didn't seem to think that needed our military attention, and one can simply not really compare Pol Pot to Saddam Huissen. Pol Pot was a thousand times worse. And North Korea is even worse than that.

Face it, this war mongering is just so that Bush stays popular long enough to get re-elected into office. Saddam hasn't done anything bad in a couple of years and is now trying to shape up, because he knows he and his country can be whiped off the face of the Earth by our weapons. He's not gonna do anything...

Are American's ready to do something? Is Bush ready to be the aggressor?


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