Gangs of New York

This could quite possibily be Martin Scorcesse's masterpeice, and even tho that is very hard to realize given all the quality films he has created, it is rightfully so that Gangs of New York is his masterpeice as he has spent nearly 2 decades working on it. The movie isn't perfect, but rarely are movies ever. The beginning and beginning of the middle is a little slow, but it picks up right there and becomes a very good political picture. The acting in this is marvelous. Daniel Day-Lewis is perfect as "The Butcher" and Leo DiCaprio, takes away all of my urges to make fun of him for being in a film called "The Beach" with his performance. And to think, he's in another big motion picture next weekend! Jim Broadbent, John C. Reilly also shine...Cameron Diaz, whom I am not very fond of (except for the good looks, hehe) also outdoes herself. In other words, Gangs of New York is a great film that should be required viewing material in public high schools, joining "Bowling for Columbine", and "American History X", to name a few.

Now what pisses me off is that the big fat asses with their cigars, up in Hollywood, thought it would be good idea to release this movie in the same weekend as LOTR, even when no big movies opened last week, or the weekend after New Years (next weekend is Catch me if you can, so skip to the next weekend), wtf fat asses?

Okay, I'm out. Play nice.


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