Weird Animals

Note: That does not say Weird Al.

zoe has a weird, neurotic cat, well I have a weird, neurotic dog, so there! And there's two of them!

Hope, the bitch

1. She absolutely must walk all the way down the long street in order to go poop. This get's frustrating right now, as everywhere you turn, there's ice. Don't bother her, paws can handle ice, so don't tell her to slow down at the sake of the guy holding the leash trying to keep his footing.

2. Everytime she goes out, comes back in, she expects a treat. Okay, maybe we had something to do with

3. She likes to sit under my computer desk, or under any computer desk. Sometimes she lays down there, sometimes not.

Chico, the dog

1. He can open any door that is open just a crack. I swear, the dog's nose is his hand. We call him needlenose because of this, as in the plyers, he's deaf, he don't mind.

2. He hates the rain. But he loves the snow.

3. When he first saw snow this winter, and went out in it, he kept stopping to lay down and lick his paws. Dufus! That just makes them colder! He learned. But he still hates rain. I swear, he must have the bladder of a camel.

They're weird and neurotic, but we still love 'em.


  1. this is a load of rubbish, i didnt even want to look at it, it does not attract my attention

  2. do u people no a good website 2 find exotic animals

  3. wat the hell is this about???none the less i found it amusing!!!

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