Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Grip Terms

Okay, that last entry sparked some great discussion and debate, and that's really cool...but I think we should lighten it up and get back to what's really important! Grip terminology!

I was studying my flash cards for my tv class which I am taking this semester and some of the terms used are really funny...

Cutter Flag -- basically a square, black, object that is used to block out all light. Say you were outside and needed a scene to be dark on one side, you would use that. It gives you a very sharp shadow.

Cartellini -- Also called a Mattelini, both named after their creators. I can't really explain this in a way that you all can understand, it works with a C-Stand (I'll explain later) and is metal. That doesn't help you. But it helps me.

Single Scrim -- This is kinda like the cutter flag, except it's more like a screen (shhh it's called a scrim), it's great for filtering out light.

Double Scrim -- Like the above, only twice as thick.

Foam Core Plate Holder - Attach this to a white card, and viola! You can easily white balance a camera without a person holding the card up! It's just a metal thingee that can attach to a C-Stand (hold on, geez).

Silk -- Uhh, this is what you think it is. It looks like a scrim, only it's white with a yellow border and is used when you need to soften up the image.

C-Boom Clamp -- Use this with a C-Stand and a mombo combo. I'm getting to them. Hold on.

12x12 Double Scrim -- Big Double Scrim. 12 feet by 12 feet.

Junior Grip Head -- This looks like a little metal machine gun, and you guessed it, it works with teh C-Stand too.

Baby Side Arm -- Very Young Baseball Pitcher. Okay no, it's a little metal rod that is used an extenstion to a C-Stand.

Cookie -- Not edible. Not edible. It's the size of a scrim, but looks like swiss cheese. It creates neat shadows!

Maffer -- Think clamp.

2K Zip -- a soft light, used for flooding light over a large area, the studio most likely. And yes, it's 2K Watts!

Gobo Head -- This sits on a C-Stand and a Gobo Arm plugs into it.

C-Stand -- Kinda like a tripod, only not.

Baby C-Stand -- A little itty bitty C-Stand how cute!

Baby Nail Plate -- This is uses for eating babies. I mean, holding cameras, lights, sets down. It screws into whatever you place it on (provided you got a screw) and then you place the object on the rod protruding up from it. Viola!

Baby Stacking Stud -- It's a metal rod. Used in conjunction with many things.

Baby Elbow -- It's a metal thingee, that looks like an elbow, so hence the name. Think of a corner peice of an erector set.

Sand Bag -- I don't think I should have to explain what this looks like. It's used to hold down lights and brace the bottom of C-Stands so they don't topple over and cost the Studio thousands of clams.

Shot bag -- Half the size of a sand bag.

Baby Stud -- The little nob thing at the top of a C-Stand.

2K Fresnell -- Also called a redhead, if it's by the particular manufacturer that makes them red. 2000 watts! It's a spot light.

1K Fresnell -- Half the power of a 2K, twice the love! Okay, that was retarded. It's also a spotter, also called redhead, but also called a baby mole. It's only 1000 watts.

Reflector -- Oh come on, you know what a reflector is.

Arri Kit HMI Standard Workhorse -- An even softer light than the 1K fresnell.

Gobo Arm -- It's a 3 foot rod, and an extension to a C-stand. You should also keep a tennis ball on the pointy end of it, so you don't poke someone's eye out when moving it around! Or if a dumbass walks into it.

Kino Flo w/ DMX -- No, not that DMX. It's also called an Image 40 light, used a lot on green screens.

12x12 Silk -- Large silk for when you need that extra coverage.

Mombo Combo -- A huge friggen C-stand, basically. While a normal C-Stand (not baby) can extend to about 6-9 feet, this mombo combo can reach 40 feet, and you can attach them together or attach C-stands together and make really freaky things. Seriously, this enables to you block out a 12'x12' area of light. But you need two per 12x12 silk or scrim.

Did I enlighten you? Are even more confused? Don't be. We all are. You gotta work with them to really remember what they are.

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