Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Fantasy Hump List

This outta help out the picture contest...

20. Lacey Chabert
19. Natasha Henstridge
18. Christina Ricci
17. Halle Berry
16. Neve Campbell
15. Penelope Cruz
14. Milla Jovovich
13. Ali Larter
12. Anna Paquin
11. Jessica Simpson
10. Jessica Rabbit
9. Fairuza Balk
8. Jessica Alba
7. Liv Tyler
6. Marisa Tomei
5. Sarah Silverman
4. Kirsten Dunst
3. Eliza Dushku
2. Maggie Gyllenhaal
1. Avril Lavigne

Okay, so I did 20 not ten, it's hard to pick just ten.


  1. How don't you have Heidi Kilum on that list. She should be number one hands down. Not that its a ranking though.
    Oh yeah, and Susan Ward.
    Like your site

  2. nah, supermodels don't work for me...I'll stick with movie and music stars.

    thanks, you're site looks cool too.

  3. shit, I just realized I left out Amy Phoeler...oh well, can't rank em all.

  4. what about louanne from King of the Hill? =]

  5. brittany murphy is hot too! damn, i always forget people everytime i make lists!!!

  6. thank you for adding me to your blogroll, boz

  7. Your number one is nuts. If you like her go to any high school in the nation and wait in the parking lot.


  8. Yeah Dan, that's why Avril is so great, there's so many like her! I don't need to have _HER_ when I can have an identical substitute!