Kurdistan? What's the problem?

Can somebody please explain to me as why the Kurds cannot have their own country? Doesn't Iraq have enough oil? Why does this idea bother Turkey so much? Somebody clarify. The media has yet to address these questions.


  1. Turkey believes that if the Kurds get their own independant state that the Kurdish population of Turkey will uprise and cause havoc. Or something like that.

  2. Ah, that would be a bad thing...but it sounds a lot like speculation and fear. The Kurds aren't allowed to take control of Iraq, yet they can't make their own country...I don't think people can have it both ways...

  3. It isnt as easy as that.

    Kurds are about 25% of the Iraq population. They wont control Iraq. Turkey is concerned because they have been basically opressing the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people werent even allowed to speak the Kurdish language until recently. It was illegal in Turkey.

    "All the traditions, even the dress, all the groups, even the song and dance were abolished in 1932"

    From: http://www.institutkurde.org/ikpweba/kurdora/llitt.htm


    All this information is from pretty old sources. But I think it boils down that Turkey doesnt want the Kurds to have control of KirKuk because of the oil. This oil would give them a financial backing for actually forming their own independant state. I am not sure what would happen if the Kurds declared independance from Iraq. I am sure based on what has been said that the U.S. would still push them out of KirKuk because we dont want to deal with having Turkish soldiers rush into Iraq to try to take hold of KirKuk.

    It is less about speculation and fear and more about opression and facts. The Turkey government knows that the Kurds want to regain their heritage and their identity. Many Kurds that live in Turkey fled from Iraq because of Saddam and also because our failure to support the Kurdish uprising in 1991. If the Kurdish people get their own independant wealthy oil state I am sure that Turkey would have someone to worry about because of opressing the Kurdish people that started around the 1930s.

  4. Try not getting all your information/answers from the media bozzy. Sometimes to learn something you must do research.

  5. I never said I got all my information from the media.

  6. It was just a response to "The media has yet to address these questions."

    It isnt hard to go outside the media.

  7. Yeah, it's not hard, but they still should have talked more about this situation..it's called...what is it....going in depth??? lol

  8. It hasn't been established yet that the US won't support an independent Kurdistan. It may very well end up doing that, because instability in the region is exactly the result that Bush, Rumsfeld, et al., were seeking when they went into Iraq, hoping that instability would lead to redrawing the map of the region and creation of democratic regimes.

    Turkey does not want to lose land, resources, and population mass to an independent Kurdistan, not to mention the cost of fighting that war, and that is the almost inevitable result if the Kurds are able to secede from Iraq. If the Kurds control Kirkuk, they will control enough oil resources to do exactly that. Many, if not most, Kurds are expatriots, and some would undoubtedly choose to "come home" to an independent Kurdistan, an entity that hasn't existed in hundreds of years.

    An independent Assyria is also a possibility, though not nearly as likely at this point. Fragmentation of the middle east is exactly what the US administration was seeking, so don't be suprised if some sort of alliance is formed with the Kurds during or after the setup of the post-war Iraqi government.

  9. I'm hoping it happens, Ratched Nurse. I don't think Turkey has any right to say otherwise. It's not their land.


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