Today is my blogiversary! I can't elaborate and have no time so I will just go. More to follow tonight.

update 7:43pm

yup yup, I've been blogging for a whole year...well almost....I sorta got swept into blogging, maybe more like falling into it...I started my website (and I got an entry about this in detail) on Geoshities in feb02, just as a bigger yahoo profile, and that moved to tripod, just so I could ftp. god, yahoo geoshities won't even let you ftp, it's ridicolous. Sometime in mid may, after I had been manually putting up news on my tripod site, I met zoe, she was on angelfire, tripod's coked out sister, hehe. ;-) Shit, that last sentence just died...I am so tired today...anyhoo, I met her, then found wil and later roger, which then led me to blogger, so after some holes in the wall trying to set up that to work on my site, I eventually got my tripod site blogger-ized. But I don't think I really ever considered myself a blogger per se, until I met kevin who introduced me to this hot chick named movable type and even let us shack up in his barn til I got my own home on the net. It was love at first sight (or is that site?) with movable type. She's so spunky, I just want to.... do something... God, I cannot write right now, why do I have to be so tired on cinco de mayo and my blogiversary? Ugggggh. Anyways, thanks to all, my agent (me), my publicist (me), and most of all, my god (me).

shit, he's still talking...

If I had stumbled onto blogging differently, ala not having a website first, I probably would have done the easy thing with blogger and use blogspot, it was a pain in the ass setting blogger up to ftp the entries to tripod, well not really, but it seemed like it. I could easily handle it now, just a year ago I was such a fucking n00b.

That's what I am thankful for the most about my blog. It's really improved my html and webmastering skills. I had learned html in 1997 and 98 in 12th grade of HS and freshman year at college, but then I got addicted to yahoo clubs and didn't even care about webmastering...I am so glad yahoo killed off their clubs service, I was so addicted to I can have my own site and have total control over it. It's cheap and easy to run...just 10 bucks a month plus 10 bucks a year for the domain...I encourage everybody to get their own domain makes you feel all warm inside, like climing the no-knotted ropes in gym classes...okay, maybe the knotted ones too...that's a little kinky tho...hah



  1. It seems like just yesterday! Congrats Boz! love you!

  2. Yea I had my first blog FTPed onto Geocities, but it never took off, it just seemed like too much work. I only had one or two entries.

  3. whoa, how did you get ftp to work on geocities? you didn't pay for it, I hope. Don't ever support yahoo! :p

  4. *sigh* no plug for me... Happy bloggerversary hun!

  5. happy anniversary... hope there are many more to come! :)

    oh yeah, if you've already replied to my last email i sent it prolly got lost when datapimp switched over to forwarding again. email me at my yahoo address when you get a chance.


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