Blogs Outranking Big Media on Google

If you really want to know, ask a blogger
First, there is the contempt for 'amateur' writers, endemic in professional journalism. Hacks are always astonished by anyone who writes for no pay, so upwards of half a million such amateurs now publishing blogs leaves the pros speechless. It also leads them to deride blogs as an epidemic of vanity publishing rather than the glorious outbreak of free expression it actually represents.

Second is the assumption that anything written by an amateur is, by definition, worthless. Yet journalism has always been, as Northcliffe observed, 'the art of explaining to others that which one does not oneself understand'.

In fact, when it comes to many topics in which I have a professional interest, I would sooner pay attention to particular blogs than to anything published in Big Media - including the venerable New York Times. This is not necessarily because journalists are idiots; it's just that serious subjects are complicated and hacks have neither the training nor the time to reach a sophisticated understanding of them - which is why much journalistic coverage is inevitably superficial and often misleading, and why so many blogs are thoughtful and accurate by comparison.

Third, there is the problem - not often touched upon in the New York Times, by the way - that many controversial public issues are ignored by Big Media for the simple reason that the ideological and commercial interests of their proprietors preclude it.

Yeah, I have always noticed this. Most newspaper sites don't keep their archives public, and some (the NY Times to be specific) don't even allow any of their articles to be public, you gotta pay for it.

Blogs are outranking Big Media on google for the simple fact that blogs are an ever growing pit of text, which makes for easy searching.

Big Media better wake the fuck up before people start unsubscribing to them.


  1. NYTimes is free, you just gotta give them your e-mail address

  2. It may be free, but their articles are searchable in google because the googlebot cannot access them, as it get's the sign up page.


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