Saturday, June 7, 2003

This pisses me off

Don't you hate it when people say something of yours is messed up but then they disappear and don't go into specifics, as if I am supposed to magically read their mind?


  1. 1) You were asleep
    2) there was a quote from Igby goes down (about anne frank or something?) that made ALL your content go down to the bottom of your page.I'm sorry I didn't give specific, but it was late here also, and I just wanted to let you know that something was wrong.There's no reason at all to make me feel bad about it. and about your other post, was that about me also? I will make you the things I said, but one requires MONEY and I have none of it.Sorry to piss you off so much

  2. No, the other post was not about you. lol

    The quotes work fine for me, what do you mean it pushed my content down?