To do list for life

-Travel the world(s)
-Two chicks at the same time. *Office Space reference*
-Marry a rich girl. (could be affected by number 3)
-Get in the Guiness Book of World Records...somehow.
-Go to mars. Get more candybars.
-Murder a tyrant, but not rape, that would be wrong.
-Go to Jupiter...Florida.
-Three chicks at the same time.
-Learn to read.
-Have an angry gumball.
-Kill the FOX executive who canceled The Critic and Family Guy, perhaps I will get lucky and it'll be the same executive who also canceled Titus.
-5 chicks at the same time.
-Maim a spelling bee.


6 chicks at the same time.


  1. Does that all add up to 15 chicks @ the same time?

  2. I'd rather spread it out over

  3. Actually, Jupiter Island, Florida is really not that fantastic. Unless you're into seeing really enormous houses. No real tourist stuff to do, except maybe fish, and get harassed by the cops for not making more than $800,000 a year.


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