Thursday, July 31, 2003

The RIAA has issues

Yes, I said ensaring. It's a big word, makes me look intelligent. *alert, alert, sarcasm detected*

"The industry has legitimate concerns about copyright infringement," said Coleman, R-Minn. "We are dealing with the stealing of a recording artist's songs, and the industry's profits. The industry has every right to develop practical remedies for protecting its rights.

"Yet, the industry seems to have adopted a 'shotgun' approach that could potentially cause injury and harm to innocent people who may have simply been victims of circumstance, or possessing a lack of knowledge of the rules related to digital sharing of files."

The RIAA has issues 900 federal subpoenas against computer users suspected of illegally sharing music files on the Internet, with roughly 75 new subpoenas being approved each day, court officials say.

You know, a subpoena is only sent to people who must testify. Subpoenas do not mean people are accused of a crime. That's a summons. Look it up.

The RIAA has a right to protect the work of artists, except they're more in it for the money, they really don't care about the artists, so who cares. Besides, bands make most of their money thru concert ticket sales.


Catch the typo in the article? The RIAA has issues... Hahahahahaha.

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