Talk about your "thanks mom"

LOS ANGELES -- A 10-year-old boy in Lancaster found more than candy in a birthday piÃ’ata Thursday.

He found pornography.

Parents said the boy picked up part of a broken pinata at his 7-year-old brother's birthday party and found it layered with pornographic newspaper.

Parents quickly took away the X-rated pinata chunks from other kids and complained to the supermarket where they bought it.

Damn Indian givers!!!!

The boy's mother said the supermarket was understanding but refused to stop selling its other pinata.

I think I am with the majority when I ask, what kind of porn? I think...

She said the LA Sheriff's Department told her they couldn't do anything.

Of course not. Cops love their porno. And donuts. Yeah, I said that. Got an issue, here's a tissue.


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