Home at last

I've just been to hell new jersey and back. Went there to drive my friends Jenna and Stacey up there to see some of their Internet/Otakon peeps. Okay, it wasn't bad at all, just had a little trouble finding their damn house, the roads up there suuuuuuck, but it's all good. I crashed up there last night, watched some clerks cartoon and LOTR2, then fell asleep on a bare mattress and woke up around noon or something, about 7 hours of sleep or something...then i woke up and just sat around bullshitting, ya know, just chillin...then I left.

Getting home (and to NJ) was easy, both our houses are pretty close to I-95 and we just had to like stay on it for like 80 miles.

Oh yeah, I FUCKING HATE THUNDERSTORMS! We drove thru godawful weather going there and on the way back. God, I had to slow down to just 5mph on Interstate 95... and I still could hardly see anything...would've pulled over and let it pass, but ya know, I'm glad I didn't, because like a minute after having that thought, some moron jackass fucking cuntbag passed me on the left shoulder. Glad I wasn't just sitting there.

So uh, that's what I've been up to lately, I drove into philly for the first time ever. No longer a philly virgin. That sounded gay.

which reminds me, my new phrase is:

homophobia is gay


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