7 Ways to Be Cool

I thought I would share with you something from the slacker's guild...they may come in handy for some of you, :p

1. Actually go outside periodically. Note that by periodically, I mean more than once a week.

2. Talk to real people. You know, there's a lot you miss out on when you live through text conversations alone.

3. Realize that you have nothing to lose. Why? Because then you can ask out any person, say what's on your mind, and do anything you want, because you know you have nothing to lose. Ask out that cute person you have a thing for! If you don't ask, you'll never get any anyway, so you may as well ask and at least know you're not missing out.

4. Exercise. This is as simple as going for reflective walks now and then. You'll feel more alive.

5. Recognize that there are people who don't live their lives in computers. How dare you think someone is an idiot because they don't know how to configure their TCP/IP. As if you could fix your car or VCR or Flowbee if required. Everyone has specialized knowledge, and you shouldn't be an asshole about yours (P.S. If you use a Flowbee, that's another geek sign).

6. Smile. You'd have no idea how helpful this is in getting people to like you and talk to you. Smile, sourpuss!

7. Do something nice for someone for no particular reason. So many dorks are incredibly self-absorbed and anti-social, and generally have a nasty, condescending attitude. It feels good to do nice things, and it makes you truly cool.

Try any of them.


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