Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Labor Day 2003

If getting into a no foolin car accident (well only about a 4.5 out of 10 on the shockometer) in New Jersey was bad enough, the fact that it was labor day and pretty much everything was closed was just an insult to injury.

Yes, I rear-ended some car in Jersey because they stopped while merging, and while I did see them, I thought for sure in the time I was looking back at traffic that they would have gone...but they hadn't, and me (stupidly) started to go before turning my head...I would never have made this mistake in a familar place...but I was sorta lost trying to find a house to pick up friends (yeah, the same from the earlier post, Stacey and Jenna) that I was really thinking about too many steps at once...lol...the funny part is that I made great time on I-95 North. I left the house at like 8:30 and I took 95 all the way to philly (like how I went home) and got into Jersey by like 10:15...the accident happend at like 11:15. oh the irony

So yeah, my first accident that involved the police showing up...well it was the Camden County Park Police...it was infront of some park, lol. My car is still in jersey, at the towing place, and should be getting fixed, despite that the tow company said it was totalled. Haha, the only things wrong are the headlights are popped out (but they still are connected, lol), the airbags deployed, and the fenders are kinda dinged, but the front part is not crushed, it's soooo not totalled. The tow company also said it was old. Hello? It's a 96 Honda Accord with only 69k miles on it. Hondas can make it to 250k easily. It's pretty damn great for being 7 years old. They just wanted to strip it for parts, those fuckers.

Anyway, I wound up spending last night (with my two friends, who found me because I had gotten into the accident only a mile from the house I was trying to find, oh the sweet sweet irony, think of the irony) at some ghetto fabulous motel for only 62 bucks while we got the inssurance claim process started and all that fun shizznizzle. Nobody was injured, thankfully. The airbags fucking surprised me, they didn't even touch me, I was so shocked that they deployed. I was like, wtf shit, that was too easy. It was like that scene in MIB2 when the auto pilot guy deployed while Agent J was driving the new hottness, lmao.

Back to the ghetto fabulous motel room, to save money we only got a one bedroom room, so that bed had orgy written all over it...okay, in my dreams, but I swear, one of them grabbed my ass in their sleep last night. haha o_O

So I am home now. My mommy drove up to Jersey and picked us up and drove us home, I know aww. I have some pics of this ghetto fabulous motel room but my cell is charging right now, so I will send them to my ta site tomorrow. Til then, peace homies

Post Script:
Mental note, driving in New Jersey is a pain in the ass. You can't make left turns, you have to take something called a "jug handle", that's what the locals call it.

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