Bush still destroying jobs

On the surface this looks great, finally an end to those annoying spam calls. But then you realize how we've already lost tons of jobs under the Bush administration and this bill will force 2 million young people (twenty somethings usually) out of work. But who cares about them, the phone isn't ringing!

Meanwhile the companies who employ them get to make more money and put more money in their pension plans for all the VPs.

See, Bush destroys jobs.


  1. you cant make everyone happy.

  2. If telemarketers were not such assholes when they made their calls, they wouldn't bother me so much. However I am sick of their uninterruptible sales pitches at inconvenient times. Asking to be taken off of the calling list never works. I think we should have a right to refuse these calls on our own phone lines, and thats what this list is for. I first felt the way you did when Wisconsin set up its own list last year. However, after one annoying call I put myself on the Wisconsin list, and the phone when quiet. It was too nice.

    Yes, I agree the loss of the jobs sucks, but they are as you said mostly 20 year olds. Its easier to get a new job when you are twenty, then when you are 40 and let go.


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