How Incredibily Lame

President Bush has a blog. Suddenly, the blogging world went into nuclear winter. There's something, well many things wrong with it.

1. the author is "". Blogs are personal, morons. They have no clue.
2. There's no "comments" section. Why? Because Bush and Company could care less about what people think. Howard Dean's blog has a comments section. Hell, Dean even goes so far as to power his blog with Movable Type! Dean has comments and trackback on his blog. The Bush team is just clueless.
3. The lame 'what's a blog popup', how dare they call Bush's campaign grassroots. Nothing about it is grassroots. Not even remotely. He has a corporate money-making machine, he doesn't rely on the internet for money. They're just lying. And they're not even good at it.

I'm disgusted.


  1. So, I sense you don't like Bush. Am I getting the right vibe? LOL! That is interesting though. I hate people who lie! ARGH -- how rude.


  2. The grassroots nature of the Dean campaign is one of the best things about it.

    Someone created a site where people can post the comments that are not allowed on the Bush blog. I believe the url is

    If that is wrong, check my blog...I have a link to it in my blogroll.

  3. Thanks for link, but next time, don't advertise in the name field. That goes to you too, Mandy.


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