Kill Bill Stream (warning: spoilers)

I promised you more thought on KILL BILL in my initial post about it, so here it is, it's disorganized and just pretty much a stream of conciousness, so don't tell your english professor to read it. I may get embarrassed.
This is quentin's best film ever. PULP FICTION and RESERVOIR DOGS were great too, I'm not belittleing them, but Kill Bill is much more intense, the story is just as interesting, and just cool.

I absolutely loved the 'anime' sequence in the middle. I thought it was a great way of storytelling....and speaking of great story telling, when he went to black&white during the crazy88's battle. That was FUCKING BRILLIANT. The gore was starting to get over the top, and he also had to show that after a certain amount of death, the bride lost a lot of emotion...but then it goes back to color when she see's that one of the fighters is just a boy. This ties back to her wanting to be a mother and upset that she possibly lost her baby.

Lucy Liu's death scene was great, and that battle was great too.

As for the dialogue, this film wasn't about great dialogue, it's quentin homage to grindhouse cinema, it's supposed to be cheesy and stuff. Great dialogue would look odd in this movie. It wouldn't jive well with the cartoonish gore.

But to flat out say this movie has bad dialogue is stupid and moronic, it's just different dialogue, there's still great one-liners and chemistry between the actors. The battle between the bride and Vivica A. Fox's character was hilarious...the best part was the KaBoom cereal!

And the line "you know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did" when ORen asked the bride, "You didn't think it would be thaaaat easy, did you?", was great. The previews made it look like a throwaway line, but it's not and it worked.

UMA THURMAN IS MY GODDESS. I WANT ETHAN HAWKE TO DIE SO I CAN MARRY HER!!!! Just kidding, but I love tall women. Especially tall, sexy, women brandishing swords.

Blood doesn't really gush 20 feet into the air when a limb is severered, and it doesn't last for 5's more like 4-5 feet and at most 10 seconds, after that you'd have no blood left to gush. Maybe I'm a little off with those numbers, but I know 20 feet is alittle much...who cares, this is a movie, people.

I'd say it's a toss-up between Tarantino and Roridguez about whether which one has yanked the action crown from John Woo, because they both have just taken violence to a whole new level and made it much more of an artform. I mean, John Woo did that as well, but Quentin and Robert have just raised the bar so much, it's incredible. These two are great for the future of cinema.

Anyway, when I first heard it was going to be released in two movies, I thought it was kinda stupid, but I think 3.5 hours of cartoonish gore would have just gotten monotanous afterawhile and quentin doesn't want to bore people, and he likes cliff hangers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the sherriff from, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, Michael Parks in a small role in this movie (playing a sherrif, lol)...I can't wait for vol2 to see more of michael madsen and david carradine, and I am glad he played bill and not Warren Beatty, David Carradine looks much more badass with a samarai sword.

Oh and it's not coincidence that ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO was released only 2 months was supposed to be out like a year ago or so, but I think robert rodriguez wanted it to be close to kill bill...just guessing on my part, but it wouldnt surprise me. Both movies have a cartoonish quality about them, one uses guns and launching people when they get shot, and the other has fountains of blood from swords.

I cannot wait for vol2 in feb04 and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS in 2005.

phew, that was a lot of typing. now I must go rest my fingers...where's jessica alba when you need to finger her?


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