Never live in Columbia

People in this town move at the speed of light and couldn't be even the slightest bit bothered to be polite. I was just driving home and I had to merge over 2 lanes to turn left, and a stupid inpolite fucking minivan who was in the lane to my left was just set on going straight. Not only did they not let me switch lanes to turn left, they hung back til the last possible second then sped up and went thru the traffic light. Pisses me the fuck off. Don't live in Columbia. Nothing but rich assholes who drive minivans and SUVs.

Another thing, what the fuck is the point of having an SUV?!? Those are the ugliest things on the road. They're like trying to be a truck and a van but they're neither, they just use up too much gas and roll over. Give me a Chevy Camaro any day. Hell, I'll just stick with Honda, provided I don't have to drive the Element.



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