The Prescription Drug War

Did you know that Americans are the only people in the world who have to cover the research costs of prescription drugs? Did you know that this said research is done mostly in other countries? Did you know that those other countries do not make their citizens pay for the research costs?

Did you know that the price of prescription drugs in America is much greater than in any other nation because of this fact?

Why are Americans being singled out to pay for the cost of research?

I think it's time for other countries to start stepping up to the plate and taking their share of the responsibilty, afterall, the majority of the research isn't even done in the USA.

It is unfair to put all these costs squarely on Americans. Thank you Governor Bush.


  1. This is an interesting topic. I was reading the other day in Reader's Digest about how people are getting away with selling imitations of prescription brand name drugs. That scared me to death. They showed pictures of how the labels on the imitations are slightly different than the real brand. If that is happening in the USA, then why the heck are we paying tons of money for research into prescription drugs?

    Anyway, I have probably ranted enough on this topic. Keep on bloggin'



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