Okay, I am tired of people pronouncing Laveranues Coles' name wrong. Misspellings are fine, it's a tough name to spell, but come on people, show some respect and learn how to say his name, especially if you call a game for a living. I find it pretty rude when the announcer will shorten his name to Lav Coles. It's not even a hard name to say. Let's break it down.

La vern e us

La as in tralalallala I'm singing, vern as in that friend Ernest P Worrel always talks to, e as the letter e, and us as in you and me.

The most common way I have heard people pronounce this name is, La ver news. That's so stupid I feel dumb just typing it.

I think it's the a in the middle of the name that throws people, so just ignore that a, in fact, it's probably silent. I'm no linguist, but I don't hear an a, and there's no a in the syllable breakdown, so just pretend it's not there and we'll all be happy, k?


  1. Okay, so now that I have the pronunciation on the name right, tell me, who is this? I swear, I am so in the dark!

    The english language has so many tricks. I thank heaven that I was born in an english speaking country and have the option to learn other languages as opposed to learning english after knowing another language. I cannot imagine how hard that would be.


  2. He's a wide reciever for the Washington Redskins, a team in the National Football League.

  3. Thanks, I was reading more of your blog, and found that out! You are so awesome, that was the fastest response ever!!!



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