The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I knew I shouldn't have seen this. Remakes almost always suck in comparison the original. Alas, there are some cool effects in this, but some piss poor direction. Okay, if you say it's set in 1973, then why the hell does Jessica Biel (who is hot, no bad movie can take away hotness) wear hipster jeans??!?! That's a product of the 90s!!! Come on, it sounds stupid to care about stuff like that, but there's no excuse for those kind of errors! If you get that out of your mind, the only redeeming aspect to this film was the first death. Girl eats bullet. Camera zooms backwards thru the hole in her head and keeps moving backwards thru the hole in the rear windshield of the van, then a closeup of smoke coming out of her mouth. That got the expectations for the remainder of the film pretty damn high. R. Lee Ermy was his usual self as the corupt sherrif, but this film is just pathetic. There really wasn't a reason to remake this, other then money of course.


  1. Boz, seriously, they DID have hipster jeans (or "hip huggers") in the 1970's.My moms still has hers (she doesn't WEAR them though lol).They usually wore them with bodysuits though and didn't show any tummy skin :-P

  2. Oh really...maybe the movie wasnt bad afterall...nope, it still was. but thanks for correcting that mistake of mine. :-)

  3. i definately loved this remake although there wasnt enough screaming or terror.the movie was much different from the original but i like it more .there wasnt to much chasin which dissipointed me the most because thats the best part of a scary movie is the big chase and the chase in this movie was like 2 seconds long.

  4. your crazy to say this wansn't a good movie. I havent seen a scary movie like this in years. Your just a movie geek to pick out little things like what they had in the 70's. If it was such a bad movie then I dont understand why so many people saw it.

  5. I really enjoyed the texas chainsaw massacre-03
    The thing about the original one is, I don't think they explained the movie really good. I mean the end was kinda dumb, him just swinging the chainsaw around. You know!!! but I'm so gonna by the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


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