Case of the Wednesdays

You know those days when nothing goes your way, or at least in your general vicinity? I am having one of those days. I could use hummer right about now, either definition would be fine. ;-)

I need to get a new mac, I think the one I have is slowly dying. The permissions are all fscked up (note, 'fsck -y' did nothing to fix it, heh), and Disk warrior, Disk Doctor (I bought Norton System Works today, so far I am less than satisfied), haven't been able to fix the problem. It's either severely corrupted permissions or a damage to the directory structure. Tonight I will try to run Disk Utility from the install CD. I had the install CD in earlier, as I was hoping to be able to re-install the system files and whatnot, but the directory structure is too damaged for that...luckily my Mac is bootable, I am making his post from the said mac. Everything works fine except there's some extreme lag every now and then, and the trash bin won't empty. iTunes wasn't loading at all last night, kept saying "not enough memory", which was a lie. Stupid dishonest computer. It's one of the "works fine" apps I mentioned before, I just had to trash it and run software update to get it again.

So if Disk Utility fails to work, I will just backup (which will be so much easier now thanks to dot mac, :D) my stuff and do a format, then a clean install. Sigh. This is what my life has resorted to.

update 8pm-- it's not as big as a problem as i thought, I started super-deleting individual items from the trash to narrow down to the troublemaking file, and all this mess was caused because the netnewswire app (which was corrupted last night) would not accept it's fate of being deleted. I dragged it out of the trash, tried to super delete it from the desktop, but everytime, it hung the whole system up. I even tried renaming the file, giving it a different extention, but it still is undeleteable. So right now it is sitting timeout-- the root user's trashbin. bwhahahahaha. take that Smith! Wait, I am way too carried away here.

I just tested the trashbin and it's working fine, I think I'm ok...but to stay on the safe side, I'll sleep in your bed tonight.


  1. Is this the same mac that lost all its data before? Often when you keep having repeating problems, its a sign of a bad/dying hard drive. Its possible a new hard drive would solve your problems. Either way, I would keep a close watch on your data.


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