I saw this yesterday, despite that I'm not a real big fan of Will Ferrel. I did like his Bush impersonation, but his only other role I loved was the Federal Wildlife Ranger in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...I will add Elf to that list. He is so funny in it and really get's into the character.

I was also VERY surprised and delighted when, about halfway thru, Andy Richter (Late Nite) and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) appeared. They have just about as much chemistry as Kyle Gass has with Jack Black. But when I got home, I checked IMDb, and neither of them were listed for this film, but I just checked again, and THEY ARE!

Also, Zooey Deschanel is fucking hot. I need to find a pic and put her in the rotating babes on my title graphic. hehehehehe

This was a good christmas film, with a rudolph theme going. Ed Asner is great as Santa and Bob Newhart is just hilarious as the narrator/papa elf.

I did have a slight problem with this tho...SPOILER

Towards the end, James Caan has to decide between giving a presentation to his boss, or spending time with his kid (played by Daniel Tay), and he chooses the latter. His boss says how he 'flew all the way down here to hear this pitch and that he wants him to give him the pitch, now. But all Walter (James Caan) says is 'Up yours'. Come on, that is so lame. It would have been more creative to have Walter literally throw the storyboards and stuff (what they were pitching) at his boss, and say, 'there ya go'. As in, he literally pitched them.


  1. I have not seen yet but it looks good. I was surprised it made $36 mil on its opening weekend. I thought no one would watch it because of the Matrix.

  2. I still have to see Revolutions...I've heard it sucks..

  3. did you want me to make you a new graphic with her on it dude? because i can!


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