Halloween was eventful

Started out with the usual annoying kids ringing the goddamn bell. For the love of God, Allah, Buddha, and any other deity, WE ARE RIGHT BY THE DOOR, JUST KNOCK!!! It's not like the house is huge, please don't ring the bell on Halloween! Any other day it's fine to ring it, but on Halloween, hearing the damn bell every 4 minutes or so gets annoying very fast.

Then this 13 year old but looks 10 kid comes to the door asking for candy and he doesn't even have a costume! He said his dad didn't let him trick or treat this year, or something, I didn't buy it, but watching him beg was very amusing, so afterawhile, I gave the poor boy one threemusketeer's bar. Don't worry, just a fun size one.

That pissed me off so I drove down to MoCo (Montgomery County, MD for you out of state lamewads) to pick up a friend, then came back to HoCo (can you guess?) to wait for other friends to show up, then we went looking for spirits. Sounds corny, but it was cool.

We found some old haunted place, and it was on private property with no trespassing signs all around, but it was llike 2am, so who cares. We start walking around, I got bored and cold, so I was like Eric Cartman, screw you guys, I'm goin home, only I just went back to the car to warm up, which was parked on the side of the road. About 10 minutes later, two cop cars showed up and got on their little speaker thingee and said "move your cars or we'll slash your tires". I turn around to look, and it is two cop cars, not some people playing a prank. The cops then drive about 60 feet down the road, turn around and stop. Then, about 4 other cars (parked next to me) just took off. I was thinking, what the fuck? I'm just sitting off the side of the road in my car, I ain't going. Besides, my friends are currently further on private property and we're very out of walking home distance. So I sit there. The cops come back to where they were when they got on their speaker, shined both spotlights on my car (which is like the only car there), and one of the cops tells me that I'm on private property and I have move. I of course make up some bonehead line about how I was just resting (I even did an acting job pretending the bright lights woke me up, haha), the cop either bought it or just didn't care, and simply said I had to drive away right then.

So I did. I wasn't worried about the police anymore, they told me to move, I did, end of story, but rather, now I was driving away without my friends. But I like to think I'm quick on my feet, or wheels, so I just drive back & forth (or up & down whatever sounds better) on the road, waiting for my friends to show up...took about 2.5 to 3 laps of doing so before I was able to pick up my friends.

They didn't even believe me that the cops were there. The cops never went up on the property, apparently the spot where my car and other cars were parked (we weren't the only ghost hunters there) is a location hot spot for car stripping (stealing cars and stripping them for parts), that's why they wanted me to move. Of course they couldn't have said that was the reason, so they just said it was because it was private property, which they're also right to say, hehe.

It was fun.


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