I'm gonna get Mr. Wizard on ya asses

For some reason, my friend and I were talking about trenches last night...so, here's some stats:
What is the deepest area on Earth? This trench is 1,554 miles long and 44 miles wide. Near its southwestern extremity, 210 miles southwest of Guam, lies the deepest point on Earth. This point ó referred to as the Challenger Deep ó plunges to a depth of nearly 7 miles. In 1960, the Trieste, a manned submersible owned by the U.S. Navy, descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. There, the pressure from the weight of the vast ocean above is tremendous. At more than 8 tons per square inch, itís the equivalent of an average-sized woman trying to hold 48 jumbo jets!

Wow. 48 Jumbo Jets. Here is another read on "Challenger Deep".

Ya know, they can make a seaship that can transmit data from the bottom of the Mariana Trench, but they can't make my cell phone work in the mall.


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