Thursday, November 20, 2003

The Justice System in this Country is in SHAMBLES.

A spokesman for the Santa Barbara County sheriff's department, Chris Pappas, said Jackson now faces a Jan. 9, 2004, arraignment date in Santa Barbara Superior Court to answer formal charges in the case. Officials said he will be charged with "multiple counts" of felony child molestation, reportedly for incidents at his Neverland Ranch involving a 12-year-old boy. Read more...

This is nothing but another extortion attempt on Michael Jackson. There has never been one shred of evidence that he has harmed a child, only hearsay, but you need hearsay if you and your child are going to falsely accuse a billionaire just to settle out of court. It is disgusting.

Michael Jackson EARNED all of his money thru his own hard work. It is disgusting how people constantly try to extort money out of him just because they are too LAZY to earn money the honest way.

Michael settled out of court a decade ago, to avoid further embarrassment, but I will guarantee you that he will not settle this time. He is more than just annoyed that people still try to extort money out of him. He will not settle. He knows he was wrong in giving into the extortion attempt the last time, and he won't make that mistake again.

He added, "Michael is in very strong spirits because he is innocent." He asserted that "my brother is not eccentric" and vowed that "we will fight" the child molestation charges.

You cannot win a trial on HEARSAY, especially when it's the ONLY form of evidence.

Jesus fucking christ, we go after Jackson on heresay and OJ Simpson gets away scottfree when there's a pile of real evidence pointing right at him.

When will people get it thru their heads that there is a difference between love and sex. You know, I love my dog, but that doesn't mean I believe in beastiality. Loving a child that is not yours does not make you a pedophile, sexually abusing them does. Michael Jackson has never sexually abused a child.

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