Bush: Saving Trees

By cutting them down and killing them!

More timber and brush can be cut and cleared with less environmental scrutiny under a "Healthy Forests" law President Bush (news - web sites) signed Wednesday. He said it will help protect communities from devastating wildfires. More...

Did I just read that right? Bush just said he's going to protect trees from burning by cutting them down and thus killing them. Wow. What a fucking redneck. No no wait, that's insulting to rednecks.

The difference between a democrat and a republican...

Democrat: shit, throw some of that water on em, jezzebel.
Republican: fuck it, cut em all down larry, they wont burn ever again. Now I'm going to go fuck my wife.
paid for by the republicans are bad people commission


  1. The thinking is something akin to the fact that if they are dead then they can't be sick. Hopefully we get someone else in the President's seat in 2004.

  2. i think that it is more the protection of people, not trees. i beleive that we are more important than trees, and if the wildfires continue people could get hurt. stoping them is the best solution, and water cant get the job done.

  3. The comment that "people are more important than trees" is a specious argument. There is no need to cut down trees to make people safe. And to the contrary, cutting down trees makes people LESS safe by contributing to erosion, flooding, landslides and climate change. The only thing cutting forests benefits is the logging industry.

    I hate the whole people versus trees argument because trees are NECESSARY for human health.

    By the way, fires are much more likely to happen in areas that have been cut over, since cutting out the big shading trees leaves lots of space for the much more flamable brush and undergrowth to take over.


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