Cat in the Hat

With a whopping 2.8/10 on that other movie site, the one owned by that company named after a rain forest, "The Cat in the Hat" appears to be a bad movie. But that is not the case. Maybe this is just my inner child writing this, but I enjoyed it. A lot.

Mike Myers plays the infamous Cat, yes, the Cat who wears that infamous Hat. Alec Baldwin plays some guy named Quinn, who just can't seem to win...the heart of the Mom, played by Kelly Preston. But wait, there's more, Sean Hayes has two characters, the Mom's boss, and the children's Fish!

Speaking of those children, Dakota Fanning (Sally) and Spencer Breslin (Conrad), I saw Dakota on Leno recently and she was actively flirting with Hugh Grant! But was he flirting back? Yes! He was! Can we get a collective, YUCK?!?!?

Anyway, I enjoyed this movie, because it's got something for everybody. It's animated, so right away kids will see it, It's got some wit to it, so the parents don't have to sleep thru it, and there's even some adult product placements like a 6-pack of Miller Lite, for all those guys out there!

I have no idea why people have thoroughly bashed this movie, my only explanation is that there's some "dirty" dialogue; for example, when the Cat calls the garden hoe a dirty hoe. I thought that was cute, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I recommend this movie to everybody because it's funny and Mike Myers can't seem to lose, his facial mannerisms are just awesome.


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