New Mac

I just bought a new mac. A powermac. It was on, so I must wait. I hate waiting. Which is why I didn't wait a month til the MacWorld expo. So what if they could be releasing a Dual 2.6Ghz G5 then, I am happy with my newly acquired (well in 3-5 business days, plus how long it actually takes to get here) PowerMac G5 Dual 2Ghz. Oooh I will miss out on .6Ghz...okay that's 600Mhz, but if I did wait for the Dual 2.6Ghz, it would just mean I would be missing out on some future G5 or G6...that's the thing with technology, they always evolve and they evolve fast.

Specs will be posted later. If I have to wait, you have to wait. Muahahahhahaha.


  1. Man I wish I had 4 grand to drop on a new computer!! I'm sick of these tuition bills!


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