Somwhere's There's a Joke

I'm bored so I'm going to create an original peice of comedy.

Ann Coulter...somewhere there's a table in need of a waitress...
Brian Dawkins (Eagles DB, who bodyslammed a redskin last night)...somewhere there's some cotton, in need of a pickin'...somewhere there's a bananna, in need of a peelin'...somewhere there's an ass, in need of a wipin.
King George W...somewhere there's a book, in need of a burnin...somewhere there's an election in need of a fixin....somewhere there's a compost pile, in need of a shiftin'...somewhere there's a redneck...that's all, somewhere there's a redneck.
Bill Clinton...somewhere there's an intern...okay this is too easy.
Wil Wheaton...somewhere there's a dead body, in need of a findin.
Kevin Cupp...somewhere there's a voicemail system, in need of a message. (inside joke, well not if you regularly read this website)...somewhere there's his blog, in need of a post.
Donovan McNabb...somewhere there's my fist, in need of a fight....somewhere there's a mad scientist, in need of somebody-to-experiement-on. (okay that was a stretch, but it would be cool)
Rush Limbaugh...somewhere there's pain, in need of being killed...somewhere there's a television, in need of somebody to go on and shout about stupid shit..(that didn't come out as beautifully as the others, but I liked it, and that's all that matters).
Osama Bin Laden & the Al Qaeda Street Band...somewhere there's a commerical need of a....don't get ahead of me...bubble bath!!! hahaha you weren't expecting that!

Thank you folks, that's all the time I have, be sure to tip ann coulter your waitress...oh and remember to spay or neuter your limbaugh.


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