Christians? Nudists? Tampa? Whaaa?

HUDSON, Fla. - Piles of trash, dirty lakes, racist property deeds and pedophiles living nearby have not deterred one man's dream of creating a Christian-themed nudist community.

Bill Martin has purchased about 240 acres of land about 30 miles outside Tampa for a little more than $1.6 million, much of it on the site of an old nudist colony that had fallen into disrepair, which he and his business partners hope to transform into a modern-day Garden of Eden.

"The Bible very clearly states that when Adam and Eve were in right with God, they were naked," said David Blood, executive director of the project. "When people are in right with God, they do not have to fear nudity."

A nudist community in America! Yeah, that'll last!


  1. Not sure if that was a joke, but there are nudist resorts ALL OVER the US. You obviously have access to the web, so I assume that was a joke.


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