Do you like to drive?

Well my friends and I do. Yesterday, that's what we did. We drove approximately 150 miles for no reason, well other than the fact that we were bored. We left Columbia at like 5pm and arrived in Cumberland (still in maryland) at about 7:30...and we had no reason to go there!! That's the best part! We just ate, got gas (not from the food, thankfully), and drove back! We were home by 11:30! It was great. Everybody should just go on a random spontaneous roadtrip, it's very healthy for you. I just made that last part up. It could be healthy, but to find out, I'd have to do research and run tests, and frankly, I don't want to do that.

If you don't try this, I will have to have to rape you with an Orangutan's testicle smothered in tomato juice, and then sell your fingernails for crack money.


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