Friday, January 23, 2004

MikeRoweSoft vs. Microsoft

If you haven't heard, Microsoft is at it again, they're sueing a teen named Mike Rowe, who added 'soft' to the end of his name and then registered the domain,

Why does M$ feel the need to go after? Who would be confused by this? Mike Rowe's business is website designs, not computer software, operating systems, web browsers, copying apple, fucking little boys, and games. There's no confusion here.

Microshit has lightented up, but they still have some sour grapes:
"We appreciate that Mike Rowe is a young entrepreneur who came up with a creative domain name, so we're currently in the process of resolving this matter in a way that will be fair to him and satisfy our obligations under trademark law," Desler said.

Ummmm, there isn't really a violation of trademark law here. The name is not the same, and the business isn't even close to copying. If Microsoft wins, then Apple can sue Dell for ripping off the iPod and the iTunes music store.