Republicans: Shut up, we don't care!

Blocking the overtime pay for 8 million hardworking Americans wasn't enough for the White House. Now they've decided to block e-mails from concerned citizens who want to tell President Bush they are unhappy with this latest affront to America's workers. Want to let President Bush know how you feel? Too bad, he's not listening.

Next they'll tell us we should eat cake.

via Kicking Ass and Oliver Willis


  1. Had that happen to me about a month ago related to a different issue. An e-mail I sent to the WhiteHouse was bounced back as refused. Interesting that the article said that they are not being notified about messages not getting through. Thats probably something new they implemented just recently.

    The president doesn't care about what the people think, he just cares about what his advisors think/say and his own agenda. Is that really a surprise to anyone?


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