Road Rage

So, I'm not perfect, but I do get even. I drove Jenna to work today, and on the way back, some asshole in a pickup wanted me to turn in front of moving vehicles. He must have wanted me to die or something. He honked his horn because I was waiting for the safe moment to pull out into the road. Excuse me, but only I will be determine when it is safe for ME to get onto the road.

About 15 seconds later, I pull out, try to get all the way over the left most lane, and couldn't, because I was muscled onto the road by some redneck who just wanted to stay in the right most lane. So I drive up behind him at the next traffic light and beep my horn _like crazy_ at him. I mean, I was totally spazzing at this guy. And you know what? It felt good.

I am so tired of people who try to muscle others around on the road. Oh excuse me for not turning fast enough for you, YOUR MAJESTY, but I prefer to wait til it's SAFE.

God, if I hadn't had to get something back to blockballbuster, I would have followed this jerk for at least 10 miles, randomly honking at him the whole way.

Don't ever try to muscle me on the roadway, you will pay.


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