Venusians Cry Favoritism

VENUS - 1775, The De Milo of Venus touched upon in his State of the Planet address last night that Venusians are outraged over all the Martian favortism by it's longtime friend and now rival, Earth. "We have rocks and dirt too", cried one angry Venusian. "Maybe Earthlings just can't withstand the heat, but afterall, is ancient Earthling Gustav Holst not correct? Are we of Venus the bringer of peace, while those nutty martians are the bringers of war?" Marvin, the leader of the major Martian tribe, did not return an instant message, but Jacque Chirac, the leader of the French Earthlings, issued the following press release:
"It is quite le obvious fact that le United States is more pre-occupied with le bringer of war, than le bringer of peace, please dear Venusians, accept my apology on behalf of my fellow Earthlings." [The United States is another Earthling tribe]

In other news, Earthling band U2 has seized this moment to hold a charity concert already dubbed "The Rock & Dirt Fest" next month on the rock and dirt mound we Venusians have come to know and love.


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