Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dean Throws in the Towel

Dean will keep his grassroots campaign up and running to help push his ideas to the mainstream.
"I am no longer actively pursuing the presidency," Dean told a crowd of cheering, flag-waving supporters. "We will, however, continue to build a new organization using our enormous grass-roots network to continue the effort to transform the Democratic Party and to change our country." do you want to know more?

So with Dean not on the ballot, I will have to actually vote for somebody else on super Tuesday. Not sure exactly who. I don't think it will be Kerry. I liked him at first, but he just seems a little arrogant. I'm not sure I like Edwards too much either...but it won't matter, because Kerry will take Maryland easily...

I may just vote for Kucinich, because he doesn't change his platform based on the polls. He sticks to his beliefs. I like that. Kerry ought to pick him as his veep.


  1. Edwards has the funniest laugh, let's vote for him so they'll make fun of it on SNL every week.

  2. But kucinich looks like an elf.

  3. "So with Dean not on the ballot..."

    Technically he didn't drop out per say, he just stopped campaigning (whatever that means). His name will still be on the ballots of all the primaries.

    Funny, I just got an e-mail from his list serve that said among other things: "First, keep active in the primary. We are still on the ballots. Sending delegates to the convention only continues to energize our party. Fight on in the caucuses. Use your network to send progressive delegates to the convention in Boston. We are not going away. We are staying together, unified -- all of us." So you can still vote for the "dropped out" candidate lol ;-)

  4. yeah, I just got that email too...if he is on the ballot I may vote for give him not sure

  5. maybe you should vote for bush ;-)