Guy vs. Girl

So there's these two people, right, and they're talking.

Girl: So when did you first lose your virginity?
Guy: I don't want to talk about it.
Girl: Come on.
Guy: No
[goes on for awhile]
Guy: Fine, it was this guy.
Girl: A guy?
Guy: Yeah, he picked me up when I was walking home from school. He offered me candy.
Girl: Oh my God, you didn't take it did you?
Guy: Hey, I was only 8, who wouldn't pass up candy.
Girl: Uhhhh..
Guy: So I passed up the candy, and he got out and chased me.
Girl: Did he catch you?
Guy: No, I'm fast.
Girl: How does this lead to you getting raped by a guy?
Guy: Raped by a guy? What the fuck are you talking about bitch?
Girl: You said you lost your virginity to a guy.
Guy: No I didn't.
Girl: Did so.
[goes on for quite some time]

This had a point, and was funny in my head, but I lost it about halfway thru. Oops.


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