Maddox is my hero

Since Bill O'Reilly is such a cry-baby bitch, I have decided to send him a bottle of Johnson & Johnson "no more tears" shampoo, along with a box of tampons to help with his constant PMS


I also sent him this letter along with the package:

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

†††††I hope you find the tampons and shampoo useful. Please continue to enlighten millions of Americans with your fair and balanced journalism day after day. I know your website is only ranked at 13,553, so if you would ever like some free publicity to help get your site going, I'd be happy to interview you on my site.

Your biggest fan,

Careful not to soak up too much Bill, there won't be anything left.

Read the whole thing Maddox wrote about Bill O'Reilly.

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