Broken Lizard's Club Dread

This is probably the most unfunniest comedy ever made, ever. The only thing that could possibly considered a 'laugh' that came out of me would probably best be described as a 'slight chuckle', but it was brief as well. Yes, it ended when I realized how pathetic it was delivered. The acting is non-existant.

Okay, so I will admit, I thought "Super Troopers" was hilarious and original, but even in that movie, the acting was bad. So, should I have expected the acting to be bad in "Club Dread"? Yeah, and I did, however, the plot was worse and just stupid. And the dialogue was even worse. At least "Super Troopers" had a funny script to work with, 'Dread didn't even have that to accentuate the piss-poor acting.

Please do not see this. Please. Please. If you don't see this, I shall give you a cookie.


  1. I disagree with you. Club Dread was very funny. I think you just don't have the sense of humor it was targeted at. Come on, you didn't think life-sized pac-man was funny? You didn't think it was funny how they made fun of horror movies during the whole movie? The acting was bad because they were mimicing horror movies. I'll admit it was cheesy, but if you liked Supertroopers, then there's a good chance you would like Club Dread. I'm not sure why it didn't strike you as funny.

  2. No, I have the sense of humor for it. The life-sized pac man was weird and mildly amusing, but the parody of other horror movies just seemed out of place. This wasn't a 'scary movie' type film, they didn't need the parody, and even if they did, it just wasn't anything compared to 'scary movie'. Things seemed overly forced.


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