Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Jason Giambi = Redneck Cracka Ho

Nah, he's just a fucking druggie. And so is Barry Bonds. Bonds can take his record, and shove it up his steroidal ass. Any and ALL players who have abused drugs just to set a bad example to children and make money and ruin the sport of baseball, should be BANNED FOR LIFE. I do not care if 500 players get banned, they have hurt the sport of baseball, and should not be allowed the freedom to play and earn a living.

Let's see, Pete Rose and the Blacksox get a lifetime ban for gambling, but hundreds of other players are abusing drugs and setting bad examples to little leagers, get to keep playing? What gives?

I hope all these players shrivel up and die, from the side-effects of course.

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