The Ladykillers

This is a veryĆ¢€ cute movie, but it's strange to have a Coen brother's movie without John Turturro or Steve Buscemi in fact, the entire cast made their first apperance in a Coen brother's movie.

Anyway, Tom Hanks leads 3 other people in trying to steal money from a boat casino. The only way they can get to the vault is to tunnel into it from a nearby house, which is inhabitated by an old cat lady.

Aside from Tom Hanks' superb acting and comedic timing, Marlon Wayans nearly steals the show from Hanks. Marlon was kickin ass.

The rest of the cast doesn't really stand out, but you should check this one out. It's funny, in a cute kind of way.


  1. I have read a few bad reviews but i will still have to give it a chance. Sunshine For The Spotless Mind was the same way and that turned out to be amazing.


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