Protesting is a Right

I am pretty disgusted with a lot of so-called Americans right now. There's some people here that have no tolerance of other views and instead of doing the appropriate thing when it comes to protests (turning away and ignoring them), they scream expletives and what not at the protesters.

Americans have a right to protest whatever they want, and yes, people can protest the protesters, but a lot of people I know, either online, or right next door to me, are republicans and practice namecalling and other non constructive forms of protesting the protesters. It's just wrong.

Christ, I remember back in 2000, I had put up a "Gore/Lieberman" sign on MY property, and the fucking kids in the neighborhood kept tearing it down. And their parents totally did not care one bit. NOT ONE BIT. They actually encouraged that behaviour. Ladies and gentleman, that is what is wrong these days. Not the protesters who are protesting the government.

I am going to be putting up another sign ON MY PROPERTY later this summer, and if it gets torn down, then I will keep putting it back up, if it means getting a new one. If they won't stop, then I will be forced to tear down their basketball hoop, which is conviently on wheels and at the top of their driveway. Stupid kids.

Hey, they can't respect my property, why should I respect theirs?


  1. i'd do the very same thing to them...if they have any signs up, i'd tear them off right in front of the parents and children...

  2. Serves you right. You call people who take signs down wrong, yet you place some intellectual capital in portraying the President as a simian.
    If you don't respect my President, how can I respect your excuse for a candidate?

  3. You are talking about opinions, I am talking about property. Get a clue.

  4. Four more years!!!! Then eight more years with Dick & Condy!!! Deal with it!!

  5. Heh, I am guilty of sign tearing down... There were some Bush/Cheney, and other republican signs on the side of the road (public property within 5 feet of the road) so I took my public liberty to drive a couple feet off the road and run them over a couple times. I see nothing wrong with that. :)


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