Why Left and Right?

I don't know about you, but I got to wondering (dangerous concept) about how in the world liberals got to be called "the left" and conservatives "the right"? I would guess that it's because of the whole political spectrum, with socialism on the far left, and fascism on the far right. But again, who determined that they would call socialism the left, and fascism the right? How exactly was this determined? Why was this determined? It's really annoying how some people keep referring to political parties as "the right" or "the left", without once thinking about the origins of those words. People need to wake up and start questioning their surroundings and beliefs.

If you think you have an idea, please feel free to share.


  1. It comes from the old french legislature (as in waaaay old). All the conservatives sat on the right side and liberals on the left.

  2. I thought it was the Brits, but anyways....

  3. at least it's not the top or bottom. :) I'd rather be right or left.


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